We're back from our Christmas break and orders are going out every day. It'll take a few days to get caught up on the backlog.
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Important current news.

Two things of note right now.  First I'm going to be away from Wednesday Jan 30 to Tuesday Feb 5.  As usual I'll be in touch but no orders will be shipped during that time.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Second and most importantly it's with a sad heart that I advise of the passing of a great friend and classic "old school" Jersey surf fisherman.  Ron Bala passed away this morning, Wednesday Jan 23.  Most guys know him as "Ron" at Fisherman's Supply in Point Pleasant Beach, N.J.  The story I like to tell is that he's the guy that put me in this business.  I was trying to break into this and not getting any positive responses from local tackle shops. They always had a reason why they weren't interested.  Finally, on a Sunday afternoon in June I walked in to Fisherman's Supply and Ron was at the counter.  I introduced myself and asked if he's be interested in a new style fluke jig.  He said sure and I produced some of my small wobble jigs.  He looked at them and said let's try them out.  He picks up a rod and we go out onto the gas dock behind the store.  He tosses a couple around and liked what he saw.  Then he asks if I have a tax number because he wanted to place an order.  From then on it just kept getting better.  We became friends after that.  I'm gonna miss him.

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