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Eel Rigging Squids

Eel Rigging Squids

$ 3.25

Eel rigging squids are a variation of the old time common keeled squid.  They have a fixed hook with an extra eye to attach "rigged eel" tail hook lines.  A good standard striper lure for a long time.  

They are offered here in two materials, same size but different weights.  One is made in tin and weighs about 1 oz.  The other is the same size but is made in lead so it's weight is about 1 1/2 oz.  Both use Mustad #34184 7/0 2x strong, forged and plated hooks for saltwater use.  The line attachment hole is reinforced with a brass grommet for strength and free swinging.  Take a look.  The average tackle shop won't carry these.