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Tin Bullet Head Bucktail

Tin Bullet Head Bucktail

$ 5.00

     Tin is a long time classic metal for surf fishing tackle.  It is lighter than lead by about 1/3, melts at a lower temperature and has a natural luster that other coatings like chrome or paint can't duplicate.  Because it's lighter than lead you get a bigger lure for the same weight.  The lower melting temperature makes it easier to work with.  Tin's natural luster is a great fish attracter, better than harsh chrome plating or paints.  It's use for fishing lures dates back to the days of big manufacturing in the U.S. when factory repair shops kept it on hand to mix with copper to make bronze for machine bearings.  When WWII started it was declared a critical material for the war effort and that put an end to it's common use for fishing.  Now there are a few tackle makers (like me) that know the value of tin lures and are willing to make them again.

NOTE: Because Mustad is discontinuing it's #34185 line of jig hooks it has become necessary to substitute them with another good high quality jig hook.  That is the Mustad #32824, a 2x strong, forged black nickel finished jig hook.  Until current stocks of the former hook is depleted there will be a mix of both styles used.  Eventually the latter hook will be used thru out.

     Here is a great bucktail made with tin.  Because of their lighter weight and generous amount of deer tail hair they are in demand for fishing areas with surf over rocky bottoms.  (Think Montauk).  You get a big profile that will almost float over the rocks and snags in areas like that.  In addition the head shape and forward pull point make a lure that's less likely to snag and when it does it can often be "finessed" out without losing the lure.  Take a look.  You'll see something different than the average bucktail.