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About TinMan Tackle

     TinMan Tackle is my attempt to complete a life long desire to be in the fishing tackle manufacturing business.  As a kid I often fished with my father using tackle he made.  I still have the Harnell rods he made for me back in the late '50's and early '60's.  It was way back then watching him make experimental lures that I got the bug to do what I do now, make good quality fishing tackle. All these years later, after my service time, getting married and raising a family the opportunity to do this presented itself just before I retired.  I knew I would never get the chance again so I took it.  This is now my "retirement hobby business".  Don't let that term fool you.  I don't take a "hobby" approach to it.  The emphasis is on good quality at a fair price.

     A lot of the items here are of the "classic" variety.  I cater to what I know best, the inshore light tackle and surf fishermen.  The result is the list of items in the store catalog. For the Mid-Atlantic states surf fishermen classic lures like bucktails, slab spoons, keeled squids, jig heads and Hopkins copies are essential items.  The bucktails especially are tied in my signature style with a generous quantity of deer hair.

     Another group of inshore light tackle fishermen is the newest sub group, the kayak fishermen.  It's been my observation that in general these guys are very knowledgable, aggressive and innovative.  As a result I've been adding to my list of items that meet their needs.  I openly invite their input as to new tackle for them in particular.

     TinMan Tackle is located in central New Jersey. This is mainly a online business so don't go looking for a "bricks and mortar" location.  There are a few shops here in Jersey that carry some of my items.   The biggest is Fisherman's Supply on Point Pleasant Beach.  Four others are Julian's Bait & Tackle in Atlantic Highlands, Fisherman's Den North also in Atlantic Highlands Fisherman's Den in Belmar and the newest is Up front Bait & Tackle in Keyport.  They are all good tackle suppliers and I urge you to patronize them whenever possible.

     Because fishing will always be an evolving sport things will constantly change.  No one can keep up with those changes by themselves so I actively seek the input from other fishermen. Suggestions for new items, improvements to existing tackle, praise and complaints are all desired.  Well, maybe not the complaints but I will respond to those if they arise.  I can be contacted at dan@tinmantackle.com or thru my Facebook page Tinman Tackle.  

     One additional note.  I especially like to see pictures of fish guys catch on the tackle I made.  That's almost as much fun as catching the fish myself.

     I hope this has given you a idea of who I am and what I'm trying to do. 

     You can contact us by email at sales@tinmantackle.com. That goes directly to me.  

     Thanks for looking and good luck fishing!