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Bare Teardrop jig heads

Bare Teardrop jig heads

$ 0.65

These are a great forward balanced jig head made for long casts and slow retrieves, especially over rocky bottoms.  The round front helps avoid hanging up in boulder fields and they can often be "finessed" out when they do get caught.  I especially like them around jettys here in New Jersey.  In addition they have a longer, narrower profile than the more common bullet head bucktails.  These are the same heads I use to make the Teardrop bucktails listed elsewhere here on TinmanTackle.com

As always quality isn't compromised in the making of these.  Hooks are Mustad #34184's, 2x strong, forged for strength and tin plated for rust resistance in the salt. You'll receive heads in a cleaned and de-burred condition ready for paint.  In addition, the 3 larger sizes have recessed eye sockets to help keep 3D eyes in place.  6 mm eyes fit nicely.

A good choice when the fish are zeroed in on longer profile bait.